Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions we get asked. If your question is not answered here please don't hesitate to reach out to us here and one of our team members will get back to you within 24hrs.

Shipping & Fulfilment

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How Long does shipping take and why don’t you offer Express post?

Outside of peak times we aim to get your order packaged and dropped to our nearest post office within 24-48 business hours Monday to Friday. (Sometimes due to circumstances outside of our control it may just be outside of 48 hours.) Shipping can take anywhere between 3 - 8 business days. But we have found for the more remote parts of of Australia shipping can take up to 10-15 days.  This is covered on our shipping page. During peak times please allow us 48-72 hours to get your order packaged and sent to the post office.

Now for not offering express post, we are doing this for you the customer to save you a lot of money. As Austpost cant guarantee their express post services as this time, if we did charge you the express post prices, you will find that you have paid far more for your items to arrive at the same timeframe as standard.  You can see more here in shipping policy

Do you ship internationally?

No, at this stage we only ship to Australia. We are looking to add international shipping in the very near future.

How will i be notified when my order has been fulfilled and can I track it?

Once we have packed and sent your order you will receive a email with a tracking number. ( Please check your junk/spam folder) We also keep track of your orders as well to ensure that your package gets to you.  If for any reasons we notice any weird delays or anything out of the regular, we will contact you to keep you updated and we will contact Austpost you do not need to do anything we will handle it all.

You can track your orders via the Australia post website.

Are all items on the website in stock ready to be delivered and are you a drop shipping company?

No we are not a drop shipping company, everything that we offer we have in our warehouse and everything that we have on our site that says "in stock" is ready to be shipped out within 24-48hrs Monday to Friday. (during peak times please allows up to 48-72 hrs) If there are items that says out of stock, we will update that product once new stock has arrived. We will not continue selling our products if there is not stock so no long wait times.

How do you pack our orders. Are they just thrown into a shipping box?

Every single item of ours will come in their own individual packaging, we also ensure that there is sufficient foam and wrapping around your products, as we at Solkatt Designs think that packaging is just as important. So you can be rest assured your items are not just thrown into a box.

I have not received a tracking number or a shipping confirmation?

Please allow 24-48 business hours for us (Mon-Fri excluding public holidays) to pack and send your order. If this allocated amount of time has passed please don't hesitate to contact us at and we will investigate for you.

I have received a faulty product how do i get in touch?

If you find your product has been damaged in shipping or your product is faulty please refer to our refund page. If we find that it fits the criteria set out in our policy you will be refunded everything that you have paid including postage. Please note we do not offer refunds or exchange on change of mind products. Also please ensure that you contact us right away, but again refer to our refund policy page for more information.


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What payment options do you have?

We have a range of payment options. We offer Afterpay, PayPal, Zippay, Applepay, Googlepay and all major credit cards. Our site is SSL protected and we do not store any of your banking or card information on our site. Our checkout has the highest security measure in place, so you can be rest assured that your details are safe. 

Do you keep my payment details on file?

No we do not store any of your payment methods in our systems. Here is our privacy policy, if you do have any questions that are not answered on our privacy policy please don't hesitate to contact us.

Where are you located?

We are located in Brisbane QLD and Sydney NSW. All of our products get shipped from Brisbane.

Do you have any store locations?

No. We are purely located online. We don't offer click and collect. We do a flat rate Aust wide standard shipping rate of $11.99 for all orders under $99.00. For orders over $99.00, its free standard shipping. We currently ship via Aus post. 

Can I get my items personalised or custom engraved?

Unfortunately at this stage we do not offer personalised engraving on our products. 

Why do your 1.9l Tradie water bottles cost more than your other 1.9l ones?

What accounts for the higher price of our Tradie 1.9L water bottles compared to our other 1.9L water bottles is the substantial amount of manual labor involved in their production. It's worth noting that all the silver details on the Tradie bottles (both sizes) are laser-engraved, and unlike the swift manufacturing process of our other water bottles, using a laser engraver is a more time-consuming method. Consequently, the overall manufacturing cost is higher for the Tradie bottles, making their price understandably higher than that of our other 1.9L water bottles.

Do you offer preorders?

At this stage we will not be offering preorder's. We will however notify our customers on our newsletter first when we are about to be launching new products and collection.

I have noticed on your social media pages accounts that look like you are asking me to click a link to collect a prize. Are these legit?

NO THESE ARE NOT US!! We will NEVER ask you to click on any link on our social media posts to collect a prize. We will be in contact with the winners from our competition’s ourselves either through email or we will open up our Facebook messenger and reach out.  If at any time you are not sure it is us please email us. But I can not stress enough please do NOT click on any links. And also the same goes with emails. If you get any that you are not sure of please contact us right away on our contact us page here. 

We do report these fake account's and we do let people know these accounts are not us but sometimes they do look so convincing. So please be careful online.

Why do you have your facebook messages turned off. I tried to contact you but there is no option on your page?

Unfortunately we had no choice to disable this due to being inundated with scammer’s filling up our inbox. So we had to for our own sanity disable it on facebook. Please click contact us 

I have accidentally broken my decanter or glass product. Can I please get it replaced?

Accidents are inevitable, but regrettably, as the damage in question was not our responsibility, Solkatt Designs and its affiliated companies and subsidiaries cannot be held accountable for any harm caused by the user or owner. Our Refund & Exchanges policy details how we handle such occurrences. Glass, like many other glassware items, is delicate and prone to breakage, requiring careful handling to prevent damage, unlike steel which is more durable.

Why is it not recommended to put vacuum insulated bottles and cups into a dishwasher?

When vacuum insulated bottles and cups are exposed to the high temperatures and harsh detergents used in dishwashers, several negative effects can occur:

Compromised Insulation: The extreme heat and pressure inside dishwashers can damage the vacuum seal that keeps the insulation effective. This can lead to a loss in temperature retention properties, meaning your drinks may not stay as hot or cold for as long as they should.

Discolouration: The exterior materials of vacuum insulated bottles and cups may not be designed to withstand the heat and chemicals used in dishwashers. This can result in discolouration, fading, or even damage to the outer appearance of the item.

Potential Leaks: Dishwasher cycles can put stress on the seams and seals of the bottle or cup, potentially causing leaks or weakening the structure over time.

Overall, hand washing is the recommended method for cleaning vacuum insulated items to ensure their longevity and performance. It allows for gentle cleaning without subjecting the item to the harsh conditions of a dishwasher.

I accidentally damaged my product and would like a replacement. Will you cover it?

We're sorry to hear about the damage to your product. However, our policy does not cover accidental damage or breakage. Please refer to our refund and exchange policy for more information on your options.

Discount codes & Newsletter

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Can I use my discount code on sale items?

No. We have set up conditions on the discount codes that you cannot use them on items that are already discounted, due to some who have been stacking them up and it actually caused us a massive financial loss. We do apologise for this inconvenience. For more information please see our discount code terms and conditions.

If i sign up to your newsletter can I unsubscribe at any time and how often do you send out emails?

Yes you can always unsubscribe at any time. We do not like our own inboxes getting filled up constantly with marketing emails, so we will not be doing that with  our customers. We aim to send out a newsletter at least every 2-3 weeks or even just once a month. There is some perks of joining our newsletter, discount codes, be the first to know about any competition's we will be running, any new product lines and discount codes we will randomly put out just for our customers.

I accidentally deleted my discount code email.

Reach out to our sales team at and they will be more than happy to assist you.

I got a review email, what's in it for me?

Like almost every company, we send out review emails for the customers to fill in, we do understand that not everyone likes to do these. Here at Solkatt Designs we value what our customers have to say and feedback is greatly appreciated, cause if we don't know that something is not working and we are not told by you, then there is no way for us to find a better solution.

So we really do value feedback and we also do offer a sweet discount code for everyone who leaves us a review as thank you, as we do know everyone is busy and we thank you for taking some of your time out of your busy day to do this for us.

I am not on your newsletter so how can i find out about new products, sales or discounts?

We are active on social media. We only have one of each of these social media pages - Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, Vimeo, Twitter and Pinterest. We don't advertise on all of these platforms, but we have had to claim our business name due to others claiming it and we didn't want any of our customers to be scammed. 

Can I share discount codes?

No. Our discount codes are not transferable and depending on each codes individual T&C's may only be used once per customer.


Last updated 25/01/2024

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